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What is Municipal Magic?

What is Municipal Magic?

Municipal Magic is a powerful communication and document management system that assists municipalities in seamlessly delivering their services to the internet using their existing web browser.

Features & Benefits

Content Management
Municipal Magic allows municipal staff to easily update website content in a timely manner, using only a browser. Website adminstrators choose a time frame for information to be viewed on the site. Once that time has expired the content is automatically removed. This feature saves both time and money and keeps your web site and Intranet to be current at all times. Employees will appreciate the ease of use and the timely manner in which they can keep the website updated thus encouraging them to use this effective document management and communications tool.

Municipal Magic is a flexible solution that is customized for each Municipality. You are able to choose from many different modules that will address your needs today. As needs change and grow more modules can be added at any time, simply and cost effectively. This makes it very easy to have a relevant and fully functional web site that grows with your needs as a Municipality.

Storage and Security
Documents are saved in a PDF format allowing the user to quickly save or view them. Not only are the documents shrunk in size but they can not be altered in any way. This will save valuable disk space and secure all of your documents.

Municipal Magic provides a well-organized, easily navigatable framework through which any municipality can present information and services on the Internet. It also provides employees with a simple, effective method of staying current with what's going on internally. Through a permissions system different employees can be given access to different areas of the website and allowed to update only those areas of the site they should have control over. This gives everyone a sense of ownership and responsiblity which in turn makes for a better website.

One of the most important factors to web site design is usability, look and feel. Working with Running Tide's in house design team you will choose a layout that work best for your audience. It is important to have pages that load fast for both dial up and high speeds users. With the combination of adequate white space and cascading style sheets you will have an organized and professionally designed web site.


Municipal Magic Components

Here are a few options:

  • Bulletins
  • Business & Community Services Directory
  • By-Laws and Search
  • Classifieds
  • Community Events Calendar
  • Council Calendar
  • Council Minutes and Agendas
  • Departments Listing
  • Did You Know?
  • Documents Directory and Search
  • Employee Directory
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Internal Vacancies / external job postings
  • Local News
  • Municipal Calendar
  • Newsletter
  • Parks and Recreation Listing
  • Recreation Calendar and Facility Booking
  • Social Committee
  • Tourism Section